Beautiful People… The case of the Smiling Face! 


 Have you ever seen someone in passing and wondered what was their story or wished you had a penny for their thought? 

Yesterday, as I made my way to my shift at the TriBeCa film festival , I saw the sweetest old man on the train. He was smiling as though he had not a care in the world and just looking at his face made my day without him even knowing it. He had this peaceful aura around him and his energy pulled me in. 

As I watched, the woman sitting next to him ( who by the scowl on her face,didn’t seem to be having the best of days)got out at her stop and he said something in Chinese to a young girl a few seats away, whom I’m guessing was his granddaughter to sit next to him. When she came, he nodded his head in what looked like a sign of contentment as he twirled his hat in his hand.

I was a little disappointed as I neared my stop on 14th street. Seeing that smile on the old mans face really made my day and I was a bit reluctant to leave. Luckily,I was able to quickly take a picture of his smiling face when I had first gotten on the train, which I wanted to share with you, in the hopes that it may brighten your day today! 


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