Happy 4th of July.


I must say that I’ve missed blogging. I’ve been so busy I haven’t had the time to just be.
Today I finally took the time off to just relax and I did so by taking in the amazing Macys 4th of July fireworks spectacular on the east river.
It was the most beautiful firework display that I’ve seen in a while and my sister and I enjoyed it completely.
For the past few years I’ve spent 4th of July on Coney Island  because I love the beach and they usually have a pretty awesome firework display as well. This year I decided to change it up a bit and I am really glad I did.
The weather was absoulety perfect and we were lucky enough to find great seats on the steps on the East River because one of the bardges with the fireworks was stationed right in front of us. We were front and center and it was AMAZING. I loved every minute of it.


Today started out as a very beautiful day and turned into a cool and relaxing night.
I hope you all had a safe and wonderful 4th of July. As for me, I’m already looking forward to next years spectacular and hoping that we are able to find great seats to enjoy the fireworks display.


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