Today I feel like…

I have no idea of the direction in which my life is heading. I feel like I’m blindly accepting whatever comes my way.

Lost is really understating how I feel and I try to escape this sense of aimlessness by loosing  myself between the pages of book. 

Novels have always been my escape and right now I’m knee deep in the pages of Robert Ludlum’s Prometheus Deception. It’s amazing and I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of espionage or suspense. It’s very intriguing. 

I find it easier to bury myself in fiction than face the realities of life. 

I know I have a great support system,

I know I have an amazing boyfriend,

I know I’m blessed,

But still…

I cannot help but feel a bit empty. 

It just annoys the hell out of me that everyone around me seems to always be busy with work and I’m just home. 

I feel like such a failure. 

Everyone says don’t worry, something will turn up and I know that’s true


I’m impatient…

God must be creating one hell of a master plan for me.


Time will tell! 

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