We went to the Zoo 

A few days ago, my sister and I took the long long long train ride from Brooklyn to the Bronx Zoo. 

She’s been saying she wanted to go for the longest and last Saturday was the perfect day for some outdoor adventure. 

After about 1.5 hours on the train, we had to transfer from the 4 at Utica avenue to the 2 at Nevins and go all the way to Pelham Pkway Station, we walked for maybe 5 minutes from the train station to the zoo enterance.  

 Getting to the zoo was a task in itself, especially since we had never been there before and we had no idea where we were going, but when we finally arrived it was soooo worth the trip.  

Apart from it being an amazing day out, the animals on display were pretty cool and there was so much to do. 

Although we got there 3 hours before closing, they open at 10 and close around 530, we still got to see a great deal. Id suggest that you go much earlier though, so you can have the complete zoo experience. 

 There was so much too do and not much time and since we bought the Total experience pass and not just general admission, we decided to hit the paid attractions first and work out way from there. 

My favorite attraction of all was the Wild Asia Monorail because we got to sit, relax and listen to a guided tour of the different animals found in Asia.  

 Plus we got to see the zoos Elaphant bff’s Patty and Maxine.  

Jungle World was also pretty interesting and there we saw a turtle fart and poop and a fish eat the poop soon after. It was totally disgusting but funny at the same time. I mean we could actually see the fart bubbles in the water. So gross lol. 

 I was really looking forward to taking the shuttle ride (another one of the paid attractions) around the zoo and I would recommend it to anyone visiting, because even though we saw a lot, after looking at the map I realized that we still had so much more to experience. Next time we visit I will make sure it’s much earlier in the day to really get the Total Experience.  

We did get to see some pretty cool animals though. Below is just a few of the many that we saw and I hope you enjoy them as much as we did! 

Mr Brown Bear minding his own business! 
    I really was enjoying myself here! 
  Me channeling my inner Tiger!   
  These panthers had no time with us!   
Mr Camel was not ready for the picture! 

My sister and I really enjoyed ourselves at the zoo. I think we enjoyed it more that most of the kids there that day and I won’t mind going back sometime soon!  




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