31 has never looked this Good. 

Yesterday was my sister’s birthday and I just wanted to take the time to wish her all Gods blessings. 

They say your sisters are your first best friends, you fuss and fight as kids but grow closer as the years go by. 

My sister is everything too me. She is my best friend, my sorogate mother, my worse critic and my strength. 

God alone knows what my life would be without her. 

Since moving to America she has gone above and beyond to help and support me with everything I do. From paying my way through college to buying me food when I was completely broke and jobless , she has always been there for me. 

Not a day goes by that I am not thankful and appreciative of everything she does for me. 

Growing up we were poor, and I don’t mean the American standard of poor, where you have a steady monthly supply of food stamps and the latest Jorden sneakers, I mean drinking tea to break the gas on your stomach    and going to school with your books in a rice bag because you didn’t have a proper backpack ( that’s a topic for another day) poor. 

I think because of that, my sister and I are more appreciative of everything that God has blessed us with. We may not be exactly where we want to be in life but every day God is showing me that we can and are getting closer to that goal. 

Nothing is impossible when you have faith and determination and I know that we have a lot extra of those. 

I see my sister, working hard everyday and I appreciate her. 

She is a nanny and she goes above and beyond her job description. I know she is appreciated my the family she works for and for that I am thankful. If you know anything about the nanny industry in Anerica you would understand why I am thankful. 

Most nannies are treated like shit by their employers…but I digress. That is a whole other cookie that doesn’t need crumbling today…

But the stories I could tell you…

Yesterday was a good day for a birthday. The weather was amazing, and although it was suppose to rain it held up nicely. 

I got my sister a delicious ediable arrangement birthday gift basket and the family she works with took us all out to dinner. 

It was really heart warming to see the amount of love the kids have for her and in all it was a fun night. 

  God has blessed me with an amazing sister and all I can do is continue to wish her the best on this her 31st birthday. 
I must say that 31 has never looked this Good! 


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