No place I’d rather be…

 Than with You! 

One year later and it feels like the excitement has just begun.  Thank you for Loving me the way I’ve always wanted and for being the Man that I’ve always needed…

I may be a bit conceted when I say this, but I’ve always known that our relationship would be great. I just never expected it to be this amazing.  

 I’ve never been with someone who truly wanted the best for me and goes out of his way to make me smile. 

It feels like everyday is another adventure when I’m with you and I thank God everyday for leading you to me. 

God has truly blessed me with an angel and it feels good to Iove and be loved without doubt. 

Our love is unconditional and there is no return policy on this price tag! 

Like all relationships we have our ups and downs but in the past 12 months I’m beyond thankful to say that we have had more ups then downs and I pray that it stays that way. 

  When I look into your eyes I see a bright future ahead of us and I know that together we can have it all. 
My life has been a bit unpredictable as usual but I know that whatever I’m going through I can always count on you. 

You are my rock and I am blessed to have you in my life.  

 I’m looking forward to many more years of happiness and adventure and baby I know that with you by my side anything is possible. 

I love you 

Past my mind

Beyond my heart 

I love you from my soul and that’s the space 

that only you and God dwell! 

Happy Anniversery to us! 

❤️ 8/27/15 ❤️


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