Sightseeing and Ending the Summer Right! 

  Yesterday was one of the most amazing days of the entire summer. The weather was amazing (finally) and it was an all round fun day. 

Thanks to my awesome boyfriend, i had tickets for a day cruise around Manhatten. He wasn’t able to go with me but I took my cousin instead and we had a great time.   

 It was one of those sight seeing tours offered by  City Sightseeing New York and it was alot of fun. We boarded the boat in DUMBO at Old Fulton Stret and Furman Street. It was very convenient for us because it was just a few stops from where we lived plus I’m very familiar with DUMBO because it’s one of my favorite places to visit during the summer so I had an good idea of where I had to go to catch the ferry.

The tour guide as really informative and not as boring as some tour guides usually are. We sailed down the East River then up the Hudson and from the boat we were able to get great views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis island, Governers Island, the Manhattan Skyline, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge and Williamsburg Bridge as well as the Crysler building and the Empire State Building. 


 We also made stops at Pier 11, Brookfield place and 38th street, which was great because you could hop on and hop off the boat if you had the right tickets and enjoy a day in the city as will as on the water sightseeing  and soaking up all New York City had to offer. 

 I really wish Ricardo could have made it because I know he would have had a great time, but I did take a lot of pictures and send them to him so even though he wasn’t there, he was still able to see what he was missing.  

 The tour itself was about 2 1/2 hours of fun and i would recommend it to anyone interested in a day cruise around Manhattan.  

 The tour guide also pointed out some sights on the New Jersey side of the river. We were able to see the Goldman Sachs building and the Colage clock as well as the Hobocken train station. 

It was indeed an amazing day out and a good way to end the summer!  



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