Hello…It’s Me! 

…And I’ve been waiting a long time for you to return…


Hello from the other side! 

Adele’s voice rings true to form and as always she doesn’t disappoint. 

I’ve honestly been patiently waiting for this new album and I almost gave up, but like she said Life happened and it’s finally almost here. 

I feel as though her albums and I live parallel lives. 

When 21 first came out, I was going through the worst breakup of my life, I was feeling emotions I pray I never have to feel again and I honestly had her soundtrack on repeat everyday for almost a month. 

I felt as though she was talking to me and slowly but surely I came out of that funk I was in. 

They say words have the power to move you and move me they did. They were inspiring and thinking back on those days give me chills. 

Now, fast forward a few years and so much has happened with Adele herself, she has revolved and it’s felt through her music. 

And so have have I.I’m at a point in my life where things seem to be getting better and better and I thank God for that. 

What are the chances that within the same week of me getting a great new job opportunity Adele says she’s releasing a new album. 

It’s faith I tell you and I couldn’t be happier. 

Not only is she releasing a new album but this one is all about growth and love and forgiveness and I honestly feel like it again  parallels my life right now. 

I’m the happiest I’ve been in any relationship right now. I have a boyfriend who loves me more than I could ever have asked for and like always a great family support system. 

I work up early on Friday morning waiting for the release of Hello’s music video and it gave me so much life. I couldn’t stop watching it and the fact that it promotes interracial relationships was even more awesome. 

Adeles voice is so hypotonic and effortless and I sense that this new album will be a force to be reckoned with.

Have you ever felt so connected to a piece of music or and artist and if so how does it make you feel?  

Ive preordered the album and I’m patiently waiting on November 20th. 

I just know it’s going to be epic. 

Hello from the other side! 


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