Sunday Funday: Smorgasburg-Prospect Park and Pokémon Go!

Despite the unwelcome cold that Mother Nature chose to bless us with today, my sister and I decided to have a Sunday funday full of delicious food at Smorgasburg in Prospect Park.

After taking the Franklin Avenue shuttle in the wrong direction, we finally stumbled through the park and descended upon the mini tent city that was Smorgasburg Prospect Park.

We were expecting more venders but were pretty satisfied with what we saw.

First off, everything looked delicious and I wanted to run free and stuff my face with everything in sight, but having decided to not eat meat this year, I settled for some fish and shrimp tacos from El Tigre and my sis had chicken nachos .

After wandering around and checking out the different shops, we sat down at the picnic tables and attempted to enjoy our food. With freezing fingers we devoured our goodies and then walked around the park so my sister could hatch her Pokémon eggs.

Today was a community day for Pokémon Go and the park was littered with people wandering around catching Pokémon and hatching eggs.

When we couldn’t take the cold anymore, we retraced our steps and headed for some warmth at Starbucks on Franklin Avenue.

I am definitely looking forward to warmer weather so that we can stay in the park longer and spend more time at Smorgasburg without freezing our finger tips off.



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